Explore the magical sites surrounding Fleckenstein Castle

First built because of its strategic position, where three territories met, the castle motivates you to visit Alsace and at the same time parts of Lorraine and Germany by car, on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle.

Fleckenstein is a symbolic castle of the Northern Vosges and one of the most frequently visited in Alsace. The castle was built in the 12th Century and stands guard as part of the defensive line of castles of the Holy Roman Empire between Imperial cities of Haguenau, now in France, and Kaiserlautern, now in Germany. The ruins justify the castle’s reputation as a truly impregnable fortress. It is built on a remarkable site with beautiful views over the Valley of the Sauer and the great forests of the Natural regional parks of the Northern Vosges and the Palatinate.

In addition you can hike from the castle in Alsace, Lorraine and in Germany. Discover the magical 4 Castles Circuit and attack the lofty fortresses – Fleckenstein, Loewenstein, Hohenbourg and Wegelnburg.

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