Nursery school children

The Fleckenstein has put together a special programme for small children from 3 to 6 years old, which enables them to explore and use the facilities on a daily basis. Ideally organised in two sessions – before and after lunch : a visit to the castle as a separate programme « Tim the little builder » (in the open air) and then a visit to the Sandstone and Forest exhibition at the P’tit Fleck (indoors).

Tim, the Little Builder

Tim the Little Builder enables children to explore the castle in their own way in very small groups.
The children are given a task « Rebuild the castle with Tim from the Fleckenstein ».
They are given five tests in the castle. After showing determination and team work they get to the top of the castle in complete safety.
Then they join the tour organiser to check the answers they have memorised and to rebuild the castle.

Visit the P’tit Fleck

Beneath the castle, in the  renovated old farm, the children discover nature and the ecology through a programme especially designed for very young children.

At every stage the children are stimulated by a fantastic decor at a series of work stations.

Everything combines to encourage the children to get actively involved : hang upside down like a bat, occupy the squirrel’s nest, smell a wild boar… the idea is « understanding through play ».

An original project of the « Musée en Herbe » Paris

Duration : 1h30 (Tim, little Builder) + 1h15 (visit P’tit Fleck)
Languages : French, German, English
Frequency : evry day from 24 March to 4 November 2018
Reservation :  required on 0033 (0)388 94 28 52 or click on the booking form 
Available for you on site : covered picnic areas – also possible, a meal in the café (set menu 6€per person)
Alternative venues exist in case of very bad weatherbituelles

What happens ?

The children engage in the project in separate groups,with their own accompanying adults and with the aid of a guide booklet.
Our organiser explains what to do at the beginning and at the end of each sequence.
It is the job of the accompanying adult to motivate the children so that they are committed to their adventure.

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