Around the Castle

The trail of the Charcoal burners

The trail connects the carpark to the site of the Château and the reception area. Pleasantly shaded, at different points it sets out the art of the ‘black faces’ of former times.

Special events on this theme occur in the last week in July.

The circular path around the Château

You can take this path all year round. Essential so you don’t miss the impressive south face of the castle.

The medieval play area at the Gimblehof

Shaded by chesnut trees and guarded by knights carved in sandstone, it is an excellent spot from which to view the castle.

A great play area where children never get bored. (20 minutes on foot).

The castles of Loewenstein, Hohenbourg and Wegelnburg

The castles look out over the biggest forest in Europe. The atmospheric ruins and the spectacular views compensate for the 200m climb up from below (45 minutes on foot).

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