Visit the P’tit Fleck ” Sandstone and Forest play area “.

The Sandstone and Forest play area brings an awareness of nature to the very young .

The child is challenged at every stage and encouraged to adopt an active role .

A Family visit

Visit the P’tit Fleck Sandstone and Forest play area Brighly coloured exhibits convey the meaning of nature and the ecology to children through play.

Twenty different themed work stations are spread over two floors. The idea is « touch to understand ».

The ground floor is concerned with sandstone and the first floor the forest and its inhabitants.

« Hang upside down like a bat, build the retaining wall of a well with a pulley, scramble into a badger’s earth, follow animal tracks and recognise their smells and calls, listen to the birds… ».

Young children learn about nature more easily in this environment and they can develop this knowledge when they go outside.

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