Fleckenstein, the Castle of Challenges

Experience three hours of medieval adventure and discover the castle with its surrounding forest.

Fleckenstein, the Castle of Challenges

Introducing a new adventure for 2024!

A unique discovery of the castle invites visitors to embark on a journey into the heart of the Middle Ages. Aided by the fictional character Kim, the participants must face 25 different challenges to free the baron and save the land of Fleckenstein. The castle and its surrounding forest turn into a huge life-size play area where real life and fantasy come together. The adventure combines the pleasure of learning whilst having fun with a great opportunity to enjoy some fresh air away from the screens.

Together, you will challenge your brains and muscles in this visit that is both fun and enriching and brings together all generations for some fun and relaxation !

A new story for the ‘Castle of Challenges’

It all starts with the theft of a magic book! The grimoire, or book of spells, contains the formula that can change mere iron ore into gold… Since this despicable event motivated only by greed, darkness has fallen on the land of Fleckenstein which is now afflicted by terrible calamities. Fortunately, the castle’s alchemist was able to escape just in time. He has found refuge in the forest and has decided to call Kim to come and help.

Alongside this intrepid and mischievous character, your mission will be to restore the balance of power in the land. To do this, after trying and failing to hold on to the colours of the land of Fleckenstein, you will be whisked away to the mysterious Land of Legends. You will first need to escape from there to start your climb up to the castle where the baron is held prisoner. You will also need to find the book of spells and put the symbols back in their right order.

How does it work?

Upon your arrival, a game host will explain how the game works and will hand you the map of challenges on which you will write down the different answers. Then, you’re ready to go! You must complete each of the 25 challenges one after the other to progress in your quest. These are available in French, German, and English, they are accessible to everyone and encourage exchanges, and cheerfulness for players of all ages.
The challenges call upon logic, the 5 senses, skills, and courage. They are staged and feature a soundtrack, drawing you into an adventure from another time.

The 25 challenges introduce a revisited version of Fleckenstein designed for the more playful visitors.

At the end, once all the challenges have been completed, interactive terminals let you validate your answers and capture your memorable adventure with characters from the story.

The adventure can be completed in one stretch. You can also stop half-way for a picnic or to enjoy lunch at the ‘Café des 4 Châteaux’.

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