Visit the Castle of Challenges

The Castle of Challenges is a fun exploration of a historic building and a great family outing.
Live a medieval adventure for three hours at your own pace in the P’tit Fleck, in the forest or inside the castle.

Experience the Castle of Challenges

Travel through time and space ; pass through walls and centuries on the trail of the phantom knight Hugo. Unravel the mysteries of the Middle Ages and become a hero in history as you take up the challenges that await you in the forest and in the mighty troglodytic castle.

Win by rebuilding the castle and so become a member of the great family of the Barons of Fleckenstein.

At last a history lesson that interests everyone whatever their age.

What happens ?

At the start an organiser explains how the game works and gives you the Challenge Sheet on which you note down your answers.

After that it is up to you to get going. Enter the Time Spiral and get into the Middle Ages and face the Challenges, which will enable you to find the treasure and rebuild the family castle of the phantom knight Hugo.

The Challenges are not too difficult and encourage togetherness and enjoyment for all ages.

They call for logic, powers of observation, skill and determination. Sound backed scenarios immerse you in an adventure in another age and reveal another Fleckenstein for a public that is keen on games.

At the finish when all the Challenges have been faced, interactive terminals enable you to check your answers and record the day with personalities from history.

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