Hiking trails around the castle

The area is full of exciting historic and natural sites…

A variety of hiking trails take you to spectacular viewpoints.

They are suitable for all levels of ability from family walks to serious hiking.

A Family walk

Explore : Fleckenstein, Gimblehof, Medieval play area, Gimblehof, Fleckenstein Car Park
Length : 40 mn – 1,8 km
Difficulty : Easy, family level
Panorama : Very fine view across to the Fleckenstein
Don’t miss: Fleckenstein castle, the P’tit Fleck and/or the Castle of Challenges (pay to enter) ,medieval play area at the Gimblehof (free).
Where to eat : Fleckenstein, Gimblehof
Parking : Fleckenstein
Map IGN/Club Vosgien Top 25 : 3814ET (available at the Fleckenstein shop)
Road : Take the Chemin des Charbonniers (the path of the Charcoal Burners marked with red-white­red symbols to the Gimbelhof, follow the signs « Aire de Jeux ­ Gimbemhof », go back the way you came.

The Four Castles circuit

Explore : Fleckenstein, Loewenstein, Hohenbourg, and Wegelnsburg castles
Length : 3h to 4h
Difficulty : medium – 200m climb
Panorama : outstanding view points overlooking the Northern Vosges and the Palatinate from all the castles.
Don’t miss : the visiting Fleckenstein castle (pay to enter), the special viewpoint at the top of the Hohenbourg (free), the medieval play area at the Gimblehof (free).
Where to eat : Fleckenstein, Gimbelhof
Parking : Fleckenstein
IGN/Club Vosgien Top 25 : 3814ET (available at the Fleckenstein shop)
Road : Take the footpath marked red­white­red to Fleckenstein castle (visit 1h) – then take the trail marked with red triangles along the rock path (superb but quite steep) or follow the red rectangle ( when it is wet) to the Hohenbourg pass.

Continue on the red­white­red path which leads to the Loewenstein castle ruins, then a few minutes further on to the ruins of the Hohenbourg. Stay on the red­white­red path downhill to the North, to the frontier. Stay on the ridge until you reach Wegelnburg castle (10 min.).

Retrace your steps to the frontier and the Hohenbourg pass and follow the red discs to the Gimblehof.

From castle to castle in the Biosphere nature reserve

Explore : Castles of Fleckenstein, Froensbourg, Wasigenstein, Petit Arnsbourg, Blumenstein, Wegelnsburg, Hohenbourg and Loewenstein.
Length : 2 days – 33km
Difficulty: Medium to difficult ­total climb 1100m
Where to eat : Fleckenstein, Niedersteinbach, Obersteinbach, Fischbach, Schönau, Nothweiler, Gimbelhof
Where to sleep : Niedersteinbach, Obersteinbach, Wengelsbach, Fischbach, Schönau, Nothweiler,Gimbelhof.

From Fleckenstein to Climbach using the shuttle bus service (navette­bus)

Explore : Fleckenstein, Gimbelhof, Col du Hohmarkstein, Lembach Village
Length : 3h30mn – 9km
Difficulty : medium
Don’t miss : Fleckenstein castle (pay to enter), Maginot Line, Lembach (pay to enter – guided tours only).
Where to eat : Fleckenstein, Gimblehof, Lembach
Transport : A hike to combine with the tourist shuttle bus Wissembourg – Fleckenstein – Maginot Line
Road : Follow the red­white­red signs to the Chalet Vosgien, then the blue rectangle signs to the roundabout by the Lembach mairie, turn left at the roundabout and follow the blue rectangle signs, At the high ground, Willeshoeh, take the footpath on the right marked with yellow diamonds, which will take you down to the road leading to